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Industry Examples

GLG Toolkit is utilized in a variety of industries that require real-time dynamic graphics and sophisticated user interfaces. The following comprises a small subset of customer applications of the Toolkit in various industries that provides examples of the GLG Toolkit's power and flexibility.

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Shutle Launch

Command and Control Technologies Corporation (CCT) is a computer technology company specializing in mission critical automation systems and software tools that enable decision-focused situation awareness. It offers complete C2 solutions, delivering products, engineering expertise, and support for aerospace, industrial, security, and defense applications.

Command and Control Technologies uses the GLG Toolkit as the graphical engine for its Command and Control Toolkit, RangeNet and C3I Surveillance Toolkit products, and utilizes the GLG Map Server for the GIS visualizations.

The CCT's newest product, C3I Surveillance Toolkit (C3iSTK), provides a Common Operating Picture for tactical surveillance and interdiction. Built with GLG's GIS and Map Server products, it provides real-time tracking and geo-referencing of targets of interest, as well as provide point and click control and monitoring for a network of sensor systems. With the help of GLG, C3iSTK is configurable with a wide array of maps, imagery, and terrain information, suitable for operation anywhere in the world.

"Command and Control Technologies Corporation selected the GLG Toolkit to be part of our Command and Control Software Product Line because it provides the best overall product value available on the market for real-time dynamic visualization. A rich multi-platform feature-set is what originally attracted us to GLG. But continuous product evolution and improvement, as well as strong technical support, is what has kept our commitment to the GLG product suite intact for over ten years."

- Rodney Davis, CTO,
Command and Control Technologies

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Engine Control Display Engine Control Display

RangeNet Toolkit RangeNet Toolkit

C3I Surveillance Toolkit C3I Surveillance Toolkit

Fire Rescue Wind Monitoring
Wind Monitor Wind Monitor
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L3Harris is a full-spectrum systems integrator and network provider that delivers complete turnkey integration of whole-ship electrical, mechanical and electronic systems; power management and distribution; undersea systems; autonomous vehicles; and airborne maritime patrol and surveillance.

U.S. Coast Guard Juniper-class Seagoing Buoy Tenders (WLB-210)
USCGC Juniper

L3Harris selected GLG Toolkit to provide the HMI subsystem for the Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring System (MPCMS) onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Juniper-Class USCG Seagoing Buoy Tenders (WLB). The system provides a graphic user interface that allows operators to navigate between HMI pages that represent the propulsion, tank level indicators, electrical, and auxiliary systems.

Each HMI page contains graphical representation of equipment that can be controlled with a mouse-based point-and-click interface. The system also provides HMI screens for displaying and acknowledging alarms, monitoring communication traffic, configuring user selectable analog points for logging, as well as elaborate utility screens for adjusting set points and other system parameters.

In addition, the system provides the ability to initiate digital commands to toggle the operation of various pumps, circuit breakers, motors, etc., while maintaining continuous graphical feedback of the various systems and subsystems. This system is built to a high level of shipboard automation as prescribed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ACC), one-person engine room, which allows for control and operation from multiple shipboard locations.

The HMI subsystem also provides the On-Board Training Mode (OBT) that allows for an instructor to log into the system as an instructor to simulate plant configurations including malfunctions and alarms on an HMI station that has been configured as a student station.

While in the training mode, operation of the workstation peripherals has no effect on the actual machinery or equipment, but is evaluated by the simulation routine to progress the training scenario. Displayed status pages and mimics update to simulate expected conditions and maintain a sense of realism during an exercise. Clear and concise indication that the system is in training mode is also provided to the trainer, students, and ship's crew.

Machinery Plant Control and Monitoring Pages.
Clicking on an element activates a popup dialog to control it.
Reduction Gear & Controllable Pitch Propeller Electric Plant Switchboard
Alarms Page.
Clicking on an alarm navigates to the page containing the element that triggered the alarm.
Alarms Page Sea Water Ballast Tanks
Selectable Log Setup and History Pages.
Selectable Log Setup Page History Log DVD Burning Selection Page
USCGC Cypress
Fire Suppression System
Fire Suppression System, AFT AFFF

BNF Technology Inc. is a global software company providing optimized solutions for operation and management of process plants. We have provided software solutions of DCS HMI, plant information, predictive analytics, performance and operation monitoring system for process plants since 2000.

With our patented and qualified solutions, we started our business servicing the nuclear power industry. We have expanded it to coal-fired, combined cycle power, seawater desalination and petrochemical plants. We have installed our solutions over 100 sites in Korea, USA, Malaysia and Kuwait. Utilizing our extensive expertise in process and factory automation, we are providing flexible and scalable solutions conforming to the highest quality standards, and at competitive pricing.

"We are utilizing the GLG Toolkit to be part of our Monitoring and Control Software Products because of its valuable Graphics Builder and multi-platform support.

With GLG, we can freely make our own library of symbols for individual process industry customers, such as power, oil, gas, water... and deploy them in either desktop or web application to monitor and control production plants via real-time dynamic visualizations.

GLG has been improving month by month to bring more powerful features and strong technical support to us. That's why we have co-operated with the GLG product for over 10 years."

- Kookjong Hwang, BNF Technology Inc.

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Turbine and CNC Equipment Control and Monitoring.
Turbine Control Display CNC Detail Monitoring

Tanks and Motors Control and Monitoring.
Tanks Monitoring Motors Control and Monitoring

Wind Turbine Output Monitoring.
Wind Turbine Output Monitoring

f +p datensysteme delivers solutions for process control systems for the rubber and chemical industry.

The main part of the control system is a process control iPC, which performs data exchange between PLCs and the supervisory database system. Other parts of the system are workstations for recipe handling, mixer program handling, analysis of the recordings, statistical analysis. f+p delivers ThinClient PCs for process visualization, operator panels, barcode printing and registration.

The GLG Toolkit is used as the graphics subsystem for displaying graphics, trends, data tables and alarm lists. The ease of integration of the GLG tools combined with the flexibility of the f+p software bus layout provided maximum benefits for rapid application design.

"We chose the GLG Toolkit because of the following advantages:
  • Excellent object oriented design and configuration
  • Excellent support from Generic Logic.
  • Good performance even on lower end CPUs
  • Flexible scalability and small footprint allows it to run on ThinClient with CompactFlash
  • Cross-platform availability and Web deployment
  • Easy integration with other modules and libraries for a variety of standard languages."
- Peter Panczyk, f+p datensysteme gmbh
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The screens presented on this page were designed with the GLG Graphics Builder and updated with a real-time data feed from the iPC database.
Display3 Display2

BIS (Baltic Information Systems, Ltd.) is a software company specializing in development of safety and process monitoring systems for Nuclear Power plants.

The BIS's new product, BISMARC, is a universal process control and monitoring SCADA system that may be configured to fulfill almost any plant monitoring task. It utilizes client/server architecture with TCP/IP-based communication and multi-level redundancy for high reliability, where the server software performs the PLC data acquisition, data processing and archiving, while the client software is responsible for data visualization and handling user interaction. In a distributed system, each node may serve as a server and client simultaneously. BISMARC is currently available on the Linux platform.

The GLG Toolkit is used as the core engine for the graphics subsystem of the client application, the Plant Inspector. HMI drawings created in the GLG Graphics Builder are used as templates which are loaded into the Plant Inspector module at runtime. The Plant Inspector periodically updates trends and control points defined in the drawings with the real-time data values from PLCs. An operator can control plant devices by the means of buttons, toggles, switches, dials and other input objects in the drawings.

"We prefer the GLG Toolkit because of its flexible and powerful development environment, cross-platform design, Unicode and True Type font support, concise API, nice graphics and many other features. An excellent support from the Generic Logic team was invaluably helpful during the development process."

- Alexey Kolga, Baltic Information Systems
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Operator Interface for the Transportation Subsystem of the Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility.
The drawings were designed with the GLG Builder and updated with real-time data from PLCs at run-time.

Transportation System Display

Operator Interface for the Radioactive Waste Treatment facility shows dynamic Valve Control and Pump Control popup panels used to control devices.

Filip Automation provides software solutions and process control technology for chemical, tire and rubber industries. It also develops custom applications for woodworking machines and shoe making lines.

Filip Automation's hardware and software architecture is based on industrial PCs with an integrated control system and a central communication server. The HMI and SCADA layer is implemented using the GLG Toolkit, which provides a fast and powerful graphical interface for Filip Automation's control systems.

"It is very important for our development team to have an open object-oriented graphical system with a wide variety of prebuilt object libraries, a toolkit with an easy localization mechanism for deploying to different countries, as well as a prompt technical support.

Thanks to the flexible and open GLG Toolkit, we can now build graphical interfaces for our software projects very simply and with high working efficiency. Drawings with dynamic and animated graphics are very positively evaluated by our customers."

- Jiri Fillip, Filip Automation

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Gas Furnace and Flow Control
Operator Interface for the Gas Furnace Flow Control monitors batching, mixing and weighing stages.
Gas Furnace and Flow Control

Sensis Corporation provides sensors and information technology to the world's militaries, civil aviation authorities, airports and airlines. Solutions include air and surface surveillance systems, sensor data interface equipment for integrating new and legacy surveillance and automation systems, vehicle tracking systems and aviation collaboration tools.

Using Generic Logic's technology, Sensis has created a web-based application suite called Aerobahn. Aerobahn enables airports, airlines and other key aviation constituencies to securely access, share, display and analyze the information contained within raw aviation data sources. The Aerobahn Traffic Display application, developed with the Generic Logic's GLG Toolkit allow users to visualize the location aircraft and airport vehicles overlaid on an airport map in real-time.
Aerobahn Traffic Display

The Aerobahn Traffic Display application displays real-time or historical aircraft and vehicle positions overlaid on an airport map.

Control Products Unlimited, Inc. is a software solution integrator specializing in the movement of process information between plant floor, supervisory, and enterprise level systems. It has been a provider of SCADA products and solutions since 1990.

Control Products' product, CPUtilities, provides a complete software solution for OPC-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, which uses the GLG Toolkit as a graphics subsystem.

Integrating the GLG Toolkit into Control Products' OPC based offering has introduced features that rival competitive packages in the market place. Training and support time has also been reduced through the implementation of solutions with graphical objects already familiar to plant personnel.
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Water treatment and distribution

Providing an overview of water treatment and distribution, personnel can easily manage operations with visual feedback and point and click navigation to setpoint entry displays.

Abbreviated Customer List

The GLG Toolkit is recognized for its power and flexibility by companies in a wide variety of industries. An abbreviated list of Generic Logic's customers includes:


Blue Origin
Orbital Sciences Corporation
Boeing North American
Boeing Helicopters
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Command and Control Technologies
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Spaceport Processing Systems
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
NASA Glenn Research Center
Kennedy Space Center
Spaceport Florida Authority
Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport
Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
ATK Aerospace Systems Group
ASRC Aerospace Corporation
Alaska Aerospace
Zodiac Aerospace / Zodiac Data Systems
Netherlands National Aerospace Laboratory
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
British Aerospace
SAFRAN (France)
Israel Aerospace Industries
Korea Aerospace Industries
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Dataspazio S.p.A
Cessna Aircraft Company
Yuzhnoye Design Office
Patria Aviation Oy


Naval Surface Warfare Center
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
US Army
US Air Force
US Department of Homeland Security
US Indian Health Service
US Government and DOD
UK Government Communications Headquarters
UK Police
Royal Australian Air Force
Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR)
India Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Defense Science and Technology Agency (Singapore)


Lockheed Martin Government Electronic Systems
Lockheed Martin Ocean, Radar & Sensor Systems
Lockheed Martin Engineering & Sciences
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
General Dynamics Land Systems
Rockwell Collins
Thorpe SEEOP Corporation
Northrop Grumman
Hamilton Sundstrand
TRW Space & Electronic Corp.
TRW Data Technologies Division
L-3 Communications Telemetry & Instrumentation
L-3 Communications Analytics Corporation
L3Harris Maritime Systems
BAE Systems
GE Government Systems, Inc
GE American Communications, Inc.
AAI Corporation
ITW Military GSE
Electric Boat Corp.
SRA International
Unova Technologies
Navcours (Korea)
CITEDEF (Argentina)
Binghampton Simulator
Singapore Defense Science and Technology Agency
Fairmount Automation
Logos Technologies
Sensis Corp.
Korean Weather

Science and R&D

Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Wyle Laboratories
Harris Corporation
Sun Microsystems
NLX Corporation
EASI Engineering
Ericsson Radio Systems AB
Singapore Technologies Electronics
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd.
Cellomics, Inc.
DataPath, Inc.
Senergy Intellution Pvt.
Ultrasound Fluid Technologies
Patria Advanced Solutions
Patria New Technologies
DRS Test & Energy Management
Aviya Technologies
Dekker Vacuum Technologies
Thunder Simulations
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Scientific Solutions
Molecular Mining
Stellartech Research
Knowledge Engineering Pte Ltd
TNB Research Sdn. Bhd
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Financial Services, IT, AI & Cyber Security

Ernest & Yong
Computer Sciences Corporation
Thompson Financial
Tekmark Global Solutions
ASG Software Solutions
Allegis Group
Excalibur Systems
SRI International
SSOE, Inc.
NEC Laboratories Europe
M&M Software
Austin Info Systems
Brainpool Consulting AB
Westwave Communications
Storage Content Analysis
Marubun Corporation
KoreaData Corporation
Insung Information
RapidEffect Pvt
Intersys AG
MicroMass Communications
HEB Grocery
Scandic Hotels AB
Veda Corporation
Esdotcom Support & Software Services
Apropos Technology
CGI Technologies and Solutions
Sim Infosystems
FPT Information System

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
University of California Berkeley
Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory
University of Texas
Applied Research Laboratories
University of Rochester
Laboratory for Laser Energetics
Drexel University
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
University of Michigan
Mental Health Research Institute
University of Connecticut
Center for Biomedical Imaging Technology
University of Arkansas
Stevens Institute of Technology
Technical University of Denmark
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokio
UNSW Sydney
University of Hong Kong
E-Business Technology Institute
Vietnam Research Institute of Electronics
Korea Myong-Ji University
Department of Industrial Engineering
Mexico's Center for Scientific Research
University of Salamanca, Spain
Department of Computer Science and Automatic Control
National Distance Education University, Spain

Process Control and Monitoring

ABB Corporate Research
Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. 
ADtranz Signal AB
S3 Technologies
Ford Motor Co.
General Motors
Samsung Electro-Mechanics
BASF Corporation
British Steel
Alcan Aluminum Ltd
Alcan Primary Metal Group
Universal Plastics
Harris Controls
Cummins Engine
BNF Technology, Korea
Kanematsu USA
Applied Materials
Agilent Technologies
Witech USA
Barnett Control Systems
BOC Edwards
Global American Technology Corp.
Emhart Glass
Hyundai Heavy Industries
Hyundai KEFICO
ZF Friedrichshafen
Machine Vision Products
Styra Robotics
Industrial Automation
Control Products Unlimited, Inc.
GSE Power Systems AB
Thermax Babcock & Wilcox Energy Solutions
Ditec GmbH
UNISENSOR Sensorsysteme GmbH
Plastipak Packaging
MARS Food Processing Solutions
Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction
Daeho Electronics
Daesung Engineering
Shenzhen Farad Electric
Kyungbook Industry Co
Tubos de Acero de Mexico
AquaCooler Pty Ltd (Australia)
IPAT Micro Systems
Matrix Power Network Sdn.

System Integrators and Consulting

Brisoft AG
Queue Systems
Edgewater Computer Systems
Gerbin Control
Conflow Technologies
KG Moats
LeiKon GmbH
Paranext Software GmbH
Service Expert GmbH
Intersys AG
Noetic Software, Inc.
Tata Consultancy Services
ETI Consulting
Control Products Unlimited
Reinhold Seiz GmbH
RobLogix Systems
Total Automation Solutions
HVR Engineering

Power and Utilities

GE Power Systems
General Atomics
Tokyo Electric Power Company
Commonwealth Edison
Alabama Power Co.
UTC Power
Eaton Corporation
Ontario Power Generation
Taiwan Power
Korea Electric
Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
GSE Power Systems AB
ÅF Industriteknik AB
City of Winnipeg
County of San Diego
Bharat Heavy Electricals
Shanghai Electric
T.R.S. S.p.A.
Hungary Radioactive Waste Management
Western Australian Government Railways

Renewable Energy

Noeul Fuel Cell Plant
UTC Fuel Cells
NUR Power
Gunggi Green Energy
PANASIA Corporation
Aquamarine Power

Oil & Gas

Gulf Industrial Technology (GITLCO)
Korea Gas
Thai Oil
China Oilfield Services

Telecom and Networking

Akamai Technologies
BT Global Services
MCI Germany
United Networks
Kingston Communications
XO Communications
Cable One
France Telecom
SatPath Systems
DeepNines Inc.
FanSi Taiwan Corporation
PCCW Hong Kong
Portugal Telecom Inovaco SA
MTD Systems
CSC, India
Telcom Egypt
Marok Telecom
Turk Telecom
Net Octave

Partnering with Generic Logic

Generic Logic offers special programs and OEM discounts for value-added resellers, consultants, as well as system and network integrators who want to partner with Generic Logic.

Contact Generic Logic if you want to resell, embed, or bundle GLG products or technology with your own product to provide a value-added solution for your customers.

Company Information

Generic Logic was founded in 1994 to develop and market the GLG Toolkit - a set of editors, libraries, tools and components for creating and deploying dynamic graphical displays to visualize and control real-time processes in variety of industries.

The GLG Toolkit was developed as part of the consulting activities from 1989 to 1994. It has grown from an in-house consulting tool into a top-of-the-line real-time graphics and data visualization product with various additional packages and deployment options, from the Java version of the Toolkit to the Map Server module with an integrated GIS functionality.

The flexible component-based architecture of the Toolkit with open data interface allows applications to use it as a add-on graphical interface module, without locking them into a proprietary application framework, which is the case with many other packages. The unique features of the Toolkit, such as constraints, resource or tag-based data access and infinite customization capability, provide application developers with a powerful tool to handle the ever-increasing visualization needs of modern applications.

Generic Logic is continuing to increase the power and flexibility of its premier product - the GLG Toolkit, dedicating big portion of the company resources to the development of new features and adapting the Toolkit to new markets. The GLG Toolkit family of products supports a wide variety of hardware platforms and software deployment options for Linux/Unix and Windows with cross-platform support for OpenGL rendering. It icludes the Java and C# / .NET version of the Toolkit, as well the HTML5 JavaScript version for the Web and Mobile deployment in a web browser. An alternative AJAX Graphics Server version for the server-side web deployment is also available.

Generic Logic is constantly working on extending its product offerings. A new HTML5 JavaScript version of the Toolkit makes it possible to deploy GLG drawings on the Web and Mobile devices and reuse application logic in the JavaScript code for easer porting.

The GIS Map Server product compliments GLG Toolkit by offering GIS mapping functionality, stand-alone or integrated into the Toolkit. A combination of the GIS mapping functionality with the Toolkit's dynamic capabilities provides new exciting opportunities for developing mission-critical applications.

Generic Logic is headquartered in Amherst, Massachusetts. Click here for contact information.