Generic Logic, Inc.

GIS Consulting

Custom GIS Applications

Generic Logic's high-performance and feature-rich Map Server can be used not only on the Web, but also in stand-alone and embedded applications, combining GIS displays with dynamic interactive icons.  Our team can help you develop and deploy GIS applications that utilize custom maps, dynamic layers and interactive icons, facilitating rapid and cost-effective application development.

Proof of Concept and Application Prototypes

Our engineers can help jump-start your project by developing a prototype tailored towards your application requirements. The prototype will contain an initial framework which can later be built upon and extended with additional features.

GIS Data Processing and Conversion

Our team is experienced with a multitude of existing GIS raster and vector formats, from shapefiles to US Census Tiger, NITF, CADRG and DEM Elevation data. We can help you process huge hierarchical GIS datasets and optimize them for faster rendering, convert GIS data from one format to another or generate shaded relief images.

Custom Features and Extensions

If an application needs a specific feature not yet supported by our tools, we can develop and add a custom feature tailored to your application requirements.

Shaded Relief Image
US Census Tiger GIS Data
Orthographic GIS Projection
GIS APplication Example
Custom GIS
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