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Custom HMI and SCADA Consulting

In addition to delivering a state of the art visualization toolkit, Generic Logic offers a full range of professional services in the areas of custom HMI, SCADA and Visualization application development. Over the years, Generic Logic's team has acquired decades of expertise assisting developers from aerospace, process control, power and utilities, finance and IT, telecommunication and other industries to successfully develop and deploy cutting-edge applications for a variety of operating systems and programming environments.

Generic Logic's team can assist you in a number of ways, from a needs analysis and creating a quick prototype, to developing a complete application framework and integrating it with the production environment, facilitating rapid and cost-effective application development.

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Proof of Concept and Application Prototypes

Our engineers can help jump-start your HMI / SCADA project by developing a prototype tailored towards your application requirements. The prototype will contain an initial framework which can later be built upon and extended with additional features. This shortens the learning curve and frees your engineers to concentrate on developing custom features in their area of expertise.

Complete Application Development and Deployment

Generic Logic's team can develop and deliver a finished application complete with HMI screens and application logic, for either Linux/Unix, Windows, Web or Mobile platforms. Our extensive expertise in C/C++, C# and .NET, Java, embedded and Web deployment enables us to deliver a custom application in a relatively short period of time, saving you time and resources needed to design and develop a SCADA system.

Developing Custom HMI and SCADA Displays

Often a company has a development team experienced with writing code, but lacking the personnel with experience in creating graphical displays. We can develop HMI and SCADA displays based on your specifications and with the required dynamic and interactive behavior, allowing your team to concentrate on the application logic while we handle the HMI graphics.

Custom Components, Special Features

Our team has the skills and expertise to quickly develop custom graphical components with a desired appearance and behavior. These custom reusable components can be easily integrated into the palettes of the GLG graphical editors.

We try to develop our product in a way that covers a wide variety of usage scenarios. If an application needs a specific feature not yet supported by our tools, we can develop and add a custom feature tailored to your application requirements.

Custom Editor Extensions

The GLG HMI Configurator provides a mechanism for extending it with custom dialogs and features. We can implement custom editor extensions based on your specifications, enabling you to provide a custom HMI Editor to your end users.

Custom Diagramming Editors and Process Flow Diagrams

Many simulation and system design software packages require custom Process Flow Diagram (PFD) editors that allow an operator to draw a process diagram consisting of predefined icons with fixed connection points, a predetermined insertion sequence and a set of properties associated with each icon. Our team can develop a custom process editor with required interfaces and a connection to a database for saving and loading of the created process flow diagrams.

Performance Tuning

Our R&D team has acquired decades of expertise in tuning performance of graphical applications of various sizes, with both the GDI and OpenGL drivers. We can assist with optimizing your application to meet the required performance benchmarks.

Custom and On-Site Training

Generic Logic provides a variety of training courses tailored to your development needs and development environment, such as C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, AJAX, on both Linux/Unix and Windows. In a matter of days, trainees will gain the skills needed to use the Toolkit, shortening the learning curve, and facilitating rapid and cost-effective application development.

A training course can be customized to suit your level of acquaintance with GLG, your development environment, and may be tailored to cover specific areas of interest related to your application.

Training classes may be conducted at Generic Logic's training facility or on-site at your location. The latter option reduces the cost of training for a group of several trainees.

For more information, please call (413) 253-7491 or send an email to
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