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Real-Time Charts for Java and Web / JavaScript

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  • Scrolling
  • Custom Tooltips
  • Cursor Feedback
  • Custom Time Stamps
  • Configurable Layout
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GLG Real-Time Charts are a collection of high-performance charts optimized for large datasets and real-time update rates. Any real-time chart may be used as a part of a larger GLG HMI display or as a stand-alone component. Both the Strip Charts and the XY Scatter Plots are provided.

The GLG Real-Time Chart is capable of displaying multiple lines with tens of thousands of data points and updating them with real-time data. It can position points at uneven intervals using time stamps and handle invalid or missing data points.

The chart maintains a history buffer and supports integrated zooming and scrolling, which allows to scroll through large datasets of historical data even while the new data points are being added. It can adjust the size of the history buffer on the fly, and erase or show plot lines without losing already plotted data.

The chart also supports multiple Y axes, point tooltips, cross-hair cursor feedback and point selection with the mouse, as shown in the online demo. Chart features include custom label formatters, grid and level lines, configurable minor and major tick intervals, integrated legends and many other features.

Point and Click Editor and Prototyping

A chart can be customized by editing its properties or resources using the GLG Graphics Builder, a graphical editor with point and click interface.

The Builder can also be used to change the chart's layout and add annotations to the chart. Using the Builder, developers can create dashboards containing multiple charts, as well as custom HMI displays with charts, dials, process symbols and other dynamic objects as shown in the demos.

The Run mode of the Builder can be used to prototype the chart 's run-time behavior with simulated data. The Run mode toolbar contains controls for testing the chart's performance.

The final drawing containing the customized chart is saved into a file which is then used by one of the run-time libraries listed below.

Refer to the Using GLG Real Time Charts chapter on of the GLG Builder and Animation Tutorial for information on editing the chart's properties.

Deployment Options

GLG Real-Time Charts are deployed in a Java application using the GLG Java Class Library, which provides API methods for loading a chart's drawing and supplying real-time data for the chart. As a Java Bean, a chart can be a component of a larger Java application.

For Web and Mobile deployment, an HTML5 JavaScript library is  provided, and a server-side version of the Java library for the server-side Web deployment via JSP is also available.

A developer uses a run-time API to develop an application that loads the chart's drawing and supplies real-time data for the chart. An application can obtain data using any custom data acquisition mechanism; the data is then pushed into the chart using the GLG API calls. The application can also dynamically configure the chart via resources at run time.

Click here for a coding example.

Coding Examples

Click here to see a Java coding example of using a real-time chart.


The GLG Real-Time Charts Package starts at $950 and includes the Real-Time Charts widget set, a Limited Edition of the Graphics Builder and a selected deployment option (Java, C/C++, C# .NET, JavaScript, etc.). The charts are royalty-free.

The Basic Edition of the Graphics Builder can be purchased to create dashboards containing multiple charts and other widgets.

Click here for more information on the GLG Widgets Package.

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                Chart with Cursor Feedback
Real-Time Chart Demo
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Editing a Chart in the Graphics
Editing a Chart
in the Graphics Builder

Real-Time Chart, Absolute Time
Real-Time Chart,
Absolute Time Axis

XY Scatter Plot
XY Scatter Plot

Editing a Chart in the Graphics Builder
Prototyping a Chart
with Simulated Data

                  Chart, Relative Time Axis
Real-Time Chart,
Relative Time Axis

Real-Time Chart,
                  Indexed Axis
Real-Time Chart,
Indexed X Axis