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GLG Java Process Demo

  • Overview
  • User Interface

  • Applet Source Code


    This demo shows an example of a Process Control and Monitoring application deployed in a web browser using 100% pure Java. The drawing was created using the GLG Graphics Builder and deployed on a web page using a Java applet and GLG Java class library. The demo uses simulated data. However, provided with a data source, it can display live data and use user input to control the process.

    The demo demonstrates the following features of the GLG Toolkit:

  • Visualizing a live industrial process
  • Updating the display with a real-time data feed
  • Handling user interaction with valves and gauges to control the process
  • Using alternative representations of the same process with no changes in the program logic
  • User Interface

  • Click on valves with the left or right mouse button to open or close them (the simulation process will be counter-reacting, so try clicking repeatedly)
  • Click on the Solvent Vaporizer Tank to toggle the visibility of the pressure gauge.
  • Use the HTML buttons above the drawing or GLG buttons in the lower left corner of the drawing to control the drawing's attributes.
  • To scroll the Temperature History Chart, click on the ToggleAutoScroll button above the chart, then use the activated X scrollbar. The Y scrollbar is automatically activated when the chart's data go out of the chart's Low/High range.