GLG Toolkit - Free Charts, Dials and Meters

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Free Charts, Dials and Meters

The free graph, dial and meter widgets are provided as a part of the Community Edition of the GLG Toolkit, which contains the following widget sets:
All widgets may be used as individual components or embedded in a bigger GLG drawing, such as a dashboard or HMI screen.

The widgets can be deployed as C/C++/C#, Java, AJAX or ActiveX components in a variety of run-time environments.

Click here for more information on the GLG Widgets.
Click here for the GLG Widgets FAQs.

Graphics Builder: Editing and Creating New Widgets

GLG Graphics BuilderAny GLG Widget is simply a drawing that may be loaded into any GLG application using one of the provided GLG Libraries (Java, C/C++/C#, etc.) and animated with real-time data.

The GLG Graphics Builder is a graphical editor for editing widgets as well as creating new widgets. Any widget drawing may be loaded into the GLG Graphics Builder to customize the widget by editing its resources. A modified widget drawing may be saved into a file to create a custom version of the widget.

The Graphics Builder's Run mode may be used to prototype a widget's run-time behavior by animating it with either simulated or real data. The run command provides numerous data prototyping options.

New custom widgets
may be created from scratch using the Builder and added to the Builder's palettes. The Graphics Builder may also be used to create elaborate dashboards which combine several graph, meter and dial widgets in one drawing.

Click here to for more information on the GLG Graphics Builder.
Click here for the GLG Widgets FAQs with information on editing GLG widgets.

Deployment Options

The following libraries provided with the Community Edition of the GLG Toolkit for deploying GLG Widgets:
Click here for more information on the deployment options and libraries.

Generating Chart Printouts

The Graphics Builder may be used as a tool to generate chart print-outs for various projects.

To create a graph printout, load a desired chart or graph from the Builder's graph palette, edit its colors, titles and other resources, then use the Builder's Run command to fill the graph with your data.
The -script and -datafile options of the run command may be used to take graph data from a file.

Click here for
an example of generating a graph printout with instructions and script samples from the GLG Graph FAQ.

GLG Widgets Sample: AJAX Dashboard

GLG Controls Demo

GLG Avionics Dashboard Demo

Real-Time Strip-Chart Demo

GLG Graph Demo

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