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GLG Real-Time Chart Web Demo (HTML5 & JavaScript)

This pure HTML5 and JavaScript example demonstrates the use of the GLG API to customize GLG 2D and 3D graph widgets. Click here to see all available graph and chart widgets.

Examples of real-time charts with integrated scrolling and cursor feedback may be found in the Real-Time Strip-Chart Demo.

The demo loads GLG drawings containing GLG 2D and 3D graphs, animates them with real-time data and changes graphs' properties. The GLG JavaScript Library provides an API for displaying drawings on a web page, as well as updating them with data and changing their properties at run time. More information

Enter new text for graph annotations, press <Enter> when done:

An interactive drawing editor, GLG Graphics Builder, may be used to edit parameters of charts, graphs and other widgets, as well as to create panels containing charts, dials, meters and custom graphical objects with elaborate dynamic behavior. A drawing created in the Graphics Builder is saved into a .g file, which is then displayed on a web page.

The GLG JavaScript Library is used to deploy the drawing on a web page. The library provides an API to load and display the drawing, animate it with real-time data and handle user interaction.

The GLG JavaScript Library implements full GLG run-time functionality present in the GLG C/C++, C# and Java libraries, allowing the same graphical page and programming logic to be shared between the desktop and Web/Mobile version of an application.