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GIS Air Combat Simulation Web Demo (HTML5 & JavaScript)

This demo visualizes a dog fight simulation on top of a GIS map generated by the GLG Map Server. Click here for other examples of GIS mapping with zooming, panning, as well as different GIS projections. More information


This dog fight simulation demonstrates the following features of the GLG Toolkit:

The demo uses similated data. In a real application, it can display live data from real-time data sources.

The JavaScript version of the demo provides the same functionality as the desktop versions written in C/C++, C# and Java. The GLG drawing and the programming logic are shared between all versions of the demo, with only syntax differences between the source code of different versions. The GLG Demo Download includes the desktop versions of this demo.

User Interface

  • To display an aircraft's or missile's location and directional angles, select them with the mouse (or touch on mobile devices). For fast moving objects, this is more convenient than tooltips used in other demos.
  • Use toolbar buttons to change icon size or to restart animation..
  • Use the Speed slider to control speed of airplanes and missiles.
  • Dataset Information

    The demo uses a vector Digital Chart of the World (DCW) GIS dataset displayed on top of the NASA's Visible Earth image dataset used as a background.

    More detailed datasets, such as the Open Street Map dataset (OSM) that contains vector data for the whole Earth down to the street level and buildings details, are also available for the use with the GLG Map Server.

    NOTE: To run the demo locally from your own server, the GLG Map Server has to be setup on that server. If the map server is not set up, the map image will be missing. Refer to the map_server/README.txt file in the GLG installation directory for details. The demo source code also needs to be modified to set the SuppliedMapServerURL variable to point to your map server URL.