GLG Toolkit, C# Class Library  Version 4.2
GlgTraceData Class Reference

Detailed Description

The GlgTraceData class is used to pass information to the TraceListener.

Public Attributes

GlgEvent glg_event
GlgObject light_viewport
bool trace2
GlgObject viewport
Object widget

Member Data Documentation

◆ glg_event

GlgEvent glg_event

Trace event.

◆ light_viewport

GlgObject light_viewport

Event's light viewport.

◆ trace2

bool trace2

true for the Trace2 callback, false for the Trace callback.

Trace callback is invoked before processing GLG Input events, and Trace2 is invoked after event processing;

◆ viewport

GlgObject viewport

Event's viewport.

◆ widget

Object widget

A control of the event's viewport.