GLG Toolkit, C# Class Library  Version 4.2
GlgHttpRequestData Class Reference

Detailed Description

An auxiliary class used by GlgHttpRequestProcessor to pass the HTML request data to its custom request processing method and to return generated data.

Inherits GlgErrorHandler.

Public Attributes

HttpContext context
Object custom_data
bool got_errors
String html_response
Bitmap image

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from GlgErrorHandler
void Error (String message, GlgErrorType error_type, Exception e)

Member Data Documentation

◆ context

HttpContext context

Supplies an HTTP request to be processed by the custom method.

◆ custom_data

Object custom_data

This field may be used to return any additional custom data generated as a result of the HTML request processing.

◆ got_errors

bool got_errors

An error indicator that may be set to true by the custom processing method to indicate an error, causing GlgHttpRequestProcessor to return null. While the default error handler automatically sets got_errors to true if an error is encountered, the got_errors field may be used by a custom error handler to indicate an error.

◆ html_response

String html_response

Contains non-image html response that may be created when processing a mouse selection request, such as a tooltip.

◆ image

Bitmap image

Contains the generated image (if it was generated).