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GLG Robot Arm Web Demo (HTML5 & JavaScript)

This is a pure HTML5 and JavaScript example that loads a drawing of a robot arm created with the GLG Graphics Builder into a JavaScript program and animates it with real-time data using the GLG JavaScript Library API. More information

Use sliders to manually control the robot arm.

The drawing containing a robot arm was created with the GLG Graphics Builder, which allows a user to create graphical objects and define their dynamic behavior using a point-and-click interface, without the need to write graphics code by hand. The drawing is saved into a file (robot_arm.g).

The GLG JavaScript Library is used to deploy the drawing on a web page. The library provides an API to load and display the drawing, animate it with real-time data and handle user interaction.

The GLG JavaScript Library implements full GLG run-time functionality present in the GLG C/C++, C# and Java libraries, allowing the same graphical page and programming logic to be shared between the desktop, web and mobile versions of an application.