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GLG Map Server Reference Manual

This book provides information about using the GLG Map Server along with its utilities and using the Application Programming Interface (API).

The first four chapters of the book document the Map Server itself, while the last chapter contains a reference and RFC specification of the open vector data format used by the Map Server.

The book contains the following chapters:

Table of Contents
A general overview of the GLG Map Server
Structure of Data and File Layout
A description of how data is organized in the Map Server and how to set it up.
Using the Map Server and Utilities
A description of how to use the Map Server executable and its options
Map Server API
How to use the Map Server from a program
GVF Filters and Data Converters
How to program custom filters and an RFC specification of the GVF format
Appendix A: Web Server Installation Notes
How to install the Map Server on a web server for use with the Java, C# and JavaScript programs.

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