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GLG Supply Chain Visualization Demo

Move the mouse over the map for tooltips, click to select objects.

  • Overview
  • User Interface

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    This demo demonstrates the GLG Toolkit's features used in the monitoring applications:

  • Vector or image map display (see the GIS Demo for the GIS map displays)
  • Dynamic node and link creation and positioning based on lat/lon information
  • Layering and selective display of the layers
  • Dynamic shapes of node icons representing different node states
  • Dynamic display of data associated with nodes and links
  • Tooltips and hot spots that show the node or link name on mouse over
  • Zooming and panning to selected regions
  • Switching maps for different regions
  • Selection and drill down - pops up a dialog showing data for the selected node, link or state.
  • The demo reads node information (node name and position) from a file or URL and creates nodes on the map dynamically, based on the information received. It also reads connectivity information and connects nodes with dynamic links. All objects in the drawing (nodes, links, display labels, map polygons, etc.) may be dynamically updated by changing any of the objects' attributes.

    Any object in the drawing may be selected with the mouse to drill down or display the object's status. The demo uses similated data. In an application, the data would be coming from a live data source or a database.

    Refer to the User Interface instructions below for the description of various demo options.

    User Interface

    The demo toolbar contains the following buttons (move the mouse over a button to show its tooltip):

  • Toggle Color Scheme
  •          Changes the color scheme used to display the drawing

  • Toggle Links Layer
  •          Toggles link layer visibility

  • Toggle Value Display Layer
  •          Toggles visibility of the data display layer

  • Toggle Map Layer
  •         Toggles map visibility

  • Toggle Update
  •         Starts or stops updating data

  • ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomReset, Zoom and Pan sliders and scrollbars
  •         Zoom controls

  • ZoomTo
  •         Zooming to a rectangular area selected with the mouse (click on ZoomTo, then select a rectangular area on the map by clicking and dragging)

    Mouse selection

  • Select node to display node information
  • Select link to display link information
  • Select US state to display statename
  • Select anywhere to display lat/lon coordinates of the mouse click