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GIS Air Combat Simulation

This demo visualizes a dog fight simulation on top of a GIS map generated by the GLG Map Server.
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  • Overview
  • User Interface
  • GIS Dataset

  • Applet Source Code


    This dog fight simulation demonstrates the following features of the GLG Toolkit:

  • Dynamic creation of aircraft and missile icons
  • Updating dynamic objects in 3D on top of a GIS map.
       The map is embedded in the drawing via an integrated GIS Object that utilizes the GLG Map Server.
  • Attributes dynamics is used to change color of the selected plane and change icon sizes.
  • Object selection is used to select planes or missiles with the mouse.
  • Popup dialogs are used to display a position and directional angles of the selected aircraft or the selected missile.
  • The demo uses similated data. However, provided with a data source, it can display live data.

    User Interface

  • To display an aircraft's or missile's location and directional angles, select them with the mouse.
       For fast moving objects, this is more convenient than tooltips used in other demos.
  • Use buttons on the right to change icon size or to restart the animation.
  • Use the Speed slider to control the speed of airplanes and missiles.
  • GIS Dataset

    The demo uses a vector Digital Chart of the World (DCW) GIS dataset displayed on top of the NASA's Visible Earth image dataset used as a background.

    NOTE: To run the demo locally from your own server, the GLG Map Server has to be setup on that server. If the map server is not set up, the map image will be missing.